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Our humble beginnings 

With a deep passion for fishing, our family has always had a niche for trying to create our own personal lures to catch more and bigger fish. It all began with tying our own flies for fishing. After a few months of tying flies we quickly learned that people were wanting flies made by the local fishermen. This was due to a better understanding of what flies worked in the area at certain times of the year. Therefore we began selling our hand tied flies to local fishermen in our area and even further at times. We elected to dabble in making other lures for fishing for other fish species and finding that the demand was for bass fisherman, we focused on creating our own spin on bass fishing lures. We feel our design, with the help of local fishing enthusiasts, has created some of the best baits to throw for catching anything from Largemouth Bass to Rainbow Trout. With our focus on the Grass Roots Bass Fisherman we support our local anglers with unparalleled customer service. We also help out local tournament trails such as the Oklahoma 2-Man Boat Tournament Association. We do this to help support the sport and help our local fishermen. 


Our unique painting 

Our painting technique produces some of the toughest painted baits on the market. Where as most painting processes only take 3 steps to complete. We perform a 4 step powder coating process that ensures a lasting finish.

The Juke

Our designed bladed bait 

The Juke! Our flagship bait that we designed with bass fisherman in mind. We designed our bladed jig with a football style head that has our Ultra-Guard paint. When swimming this helps to produce a sound that the bass absolutely love ​​​​​​!​

Custom for you

Your custom design and color

We can custom make almost any bait you have a need for, whether it is a black bladed jig with a pink skirt and yellow trailer to a gold bladed buzz bait with a green and white skirt. The options are almost endless.